Elen Santarelli, amazing model.

In this post we are going to talk about Elen Santarelli. She is a model girl that is born on 18 August 1981. She is an Italian model, actress and in the same time a television personality.  She is born in Latina, and se started career as a model in Rai 1. She have been part of the calendar of 2005. In that year she had the most important events in her career , for more you can read in Wikipedia. She is active as an actress in films, TV-series and on the stage too. In June she was married with the football player Bernardo Corradi. 

In the photo above we can find her during her vocation with her husband but we are not going to take too much time with descriptions of the photos because sometimes some photos does not need for too much description because this photos can talk by herself. 

Elen Santarelli, amazing model. source of the photos: https://instagram.com/elesantarelli/

In the photo above you can see her style, but she looks so amazing and so nice, with the short jeans and the t-shirt that she is wearing make her look so  nice, pretty and beautiful .  Her make up fits so well with the style of clothes for spring/summer 2015 collection that she is using.

Elen Santarelli, amazing model. source of the photos: https://instagram.com/elesantarelli/
In the photo above you an see a blonde girl in bikini during her vocations but who is she? She is  Elen Santarelli.
Elen Santarelli, amazing model. source of the photos: https://instagram.com/elesantarelli/
In the photo above you can see her style after she have finished the day going to the beach. The dress that she is using make her so gorgeous and nice and in the same time so invited. We can not see her bag, so we can not say anything about that.
Elen Santarelli, amazing model. source of the photos: https://instagram.com/elesantarelli/
 In the photo above you can see  Elen Santarelli, amazing model, with her clothes that she wears at the beach and she looks so simple except of the bell. The bell is nice for a girl like her, but we think that on the beach a bell like that is a little bit too much.
We want to over this collection of photos of  Elen Santarelli for this article with the photo below. Look at her hat and her sunglasses is a perfect combination of her with the bikini. And this style is perfect for summer 2015 or spring 2015. So this spring/summer collection 2015 is exactly what the fashion needs.

Elen Santarelli, amazing model. source of the photos: https://instagram.com/elesantarelli/

We hope that you enjoyed this article about Elen Santarelli, amazing model that is having some vocations and we hope that you are going to bookmark our fashion blog to hear more from Elen Santarelli, amazing model.

In the next article we want to talk more about the fashion degrees that you must follow if you want to became a fashion girl like Elen Santarelli, amazing model. You should not just be a model a good model girl is if she study for this field and we are going to talk about the best ranked universities in the world about fashion, where you can develop you fashion skills.

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